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Standard Funeral Director & Staff Services
This includes our basic services. This includes our usual overhead, personnel available to serve you 24 hours a day, arrangement conference, coordination of plans for service with the cemetery, crematory, and/or other parties involved in the final resting plans of the deceased, clerical services to complete various forms associated with funeral proceedings securing and recording the death certificate, and any authorization and permits, as necessary. 


Limited Funeral Director & Staff Services

Certain arrangements can be made to reduce preparation costs. Whenever a family asks us to coordinate with another local funeral provider in providing a funeral or memorial service for a loved over, we may charge a limited fee to avoid at least some of the duplication of fees that might occur. 


Cadaver Preparation 

Except in certain special cases, the law does not require embalming. Embalming may be necessary, however. if you select certain funeral arrangements such as a funeral with viewing. If you do not want to embalm, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require it, such as direct cremation or immediate burial. 

  • Embalming - $800.00

  • Dressing, casketing, and/or cosmetizing - $200.00

  • Bathing and handling - $150.00

  • Special care for autopsied cases - $600.00

  • Restoration - $500.00

  • Refrigeration Our firm requires refrigeration of not embalmed remains after 24 hours.

  • The charge is applied if burial or cremation is delayed beyond usual. - $150.00

Anatomical Donations 

Our staff will assist families with certain paperwork (including at least social security notification, veterans affairs, death certificates, and obituaries) when the deceased asks to have his or her body donated to science. This selection includes our involvement (time) comparable to the limited services of the funeral director and staff and the removal and transportation to the receiving local facility.

Forwarding Remains


This includes removal of remains, basic service of funeral director and staff, necessary authorizations, embalming, use of preparation room, service vehicle, and transportation to the local airport or another place of shipment within a 40-mile radius (excluding shipping charges and shipping container. This charge does not include visitation or funeral services or memorial services. This charge applies to shipment within the continental. 

Receiving Remains


This charge includes limited services of funeral director and staff, transportation from the local airport or other shipping destination with a 40-mile radius, service vehicle, and transportation of remains to cemetery or crematory. This charge does not include visitations or funeral services. 

Direct Cremation (no traditional gathering)

$995.00 to $1,295.00

This fee includes standard funeral staff and crematory services. If you would like to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative body container. Below are the most common selections:

  • Direct Cremation ( we supply the minimal container required by the crematorium) - $995.00

  • Direct Cremation with a Cardboard Alternative Container - $1,400.00

  • Direct Cremation with a brown standard - medium density dark brown fiberboard with no interior - $1,600.00

  • Direct Cremation with a wood-grain finish -medium density fiberboard with no interior design - $1,600.00

Immediate Burial (No Traditional Gatherings)


Our staff will arrange for an immediate burial (without ​any visitation, funeral service, or memorial service and family not present at the internment time). This includes the removal of remains, refrigeration, and basic services of the funeral director and staff. This price does not include the cost of caskets, alternative containers, grave-vaults, etc., each of which may be subject to cemetery or neighborhood rules or regulations.


Transfer of deceased from the place of death to the interim facility prior to disposition​.

Transportation services include:

  • Funeral Vehicle - $375.00

  • Family Vehicle - $425.00

    • Use of Van - $375

  • Transfer to or from the airport - $475.00 

  • Within a 40-mile radius - $475.00 (Each additional mile is $3.00 per vehicle.)

Use of Facilities and Staff

Our facilities are not specifically used for traditional funeral services or public visitations. We do encourage families to gather at their church, home, or community place. 


Staff services include: 

- Traditional Visitation - $750.00

This service includes up to two hours at a church, home, or another facility on days other than the funeral, memorial, or graveside services. We will assist and advise the church and family by setting up the visitation area, displaying encased remains, placing flowers, and helping visitors feel welcome and comfortable as requested. 

- Pre-Service Visitation - Complimentary

This is a one-hour gather at a church, home or another facility. Our staff will assist coordinate and advice the church and family.

- Traditional Funeral Services - $750.00
This service includes a service up to two hours at a church, home or another facility (body present). Our staff will assist, coordinate, and advised the church and family as requested. When our presence is requested, we retain the right to pre-approve our involvement in the proceedings. 

- Traditional Memorial -$750.00

Includes a service up to two hours at a church or another facility (body not present). Our staff will assist and advise as requested.

- Traditional Graveside Service - $700.00

Includes service of up to one hour at the gravesite. 

Special Family Review

If the family wishes to privately view the body before a scheduled service or visitation. ​- Gratis (one hour or on a prior date, at our stand-by location. 30 min review prior to regularly scheduled visitation or service, on location. 

**Each additional hour is rated at $100.00

** We assess an additional $100.00 per hour if visitation or service is held on a holiday.

Other services and merchandise

  • Caskets - $1,500.00 - $10,00.00

  • Alternative Containers - $195.00 - $495.00

  • Outer Burial Containers - $745.00 - $10,950.00

  • URNS - $95.00 - $2,495.00

  • Crucifix - $50.00

  • Flag Case - $200.00 - $800.00

  • Flowers - $250.00 - $1,250.00

  • Grave Setup (tent and chairs) - $700.00

  • Hairdresser (basic styles - additional charges may apply for coloring, special braids, etc.) - $150.00

  • Laminated Bookmarks (each) - $20.00

  • Motor Escorts  (each) - $275.00

  • Obituary Notices - Varies

  • Prayer Cards (per 100) - $100.00

  • Register Books (each) - $100.00

  • Memorial Programs (per 100) - $350.00

  • Service Folders with Color Photo (per 100) - $250.00

  • Shipping Container (air tray) - $500.00

  • Shipping Container (combination unit) -$700.00

  • Thank you Cards (per 100) - $100.00

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