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End of Life Preparations

Although it is not a topic that we like to discuss, end of life preparations are things that we do have to consider. There are few things guaranteed in life, and one of those things is death. There is no specific date when death comes to visit us, so it is best to prepare while we are still in the land of the living. We hope the following information will help you in your preparation process.

There are quite a few documents and things that need to be in place outside of the mental and emotional preparation of death. We want to take the time to explain the importance of a few and why it is best that you gather these documents as soon as possible.


We all know and understand that wills are documents that express the desires of the deceased. This same document express where the deceased would like their physical assets to go. Whether you are continuously building your empire or looking to secure what you have already built, the best way to ensure the resting place of these assets is to create a map for where they are to go. A will helps you to do that. You can create a will at various online sources, but the best and most secure method of creating a will would be to meet with your attorney and accountant.

Power of attorney

In the unfortunate event of sudden death or injury, a power of attorney is useful. This document gives permission to whom you deem capable to make decisions for you in the event that you are unable to. This document can also be created online, but again it is best to meet with an attorney or your primary care physician.

Health, life and funeral insurance

Health, life and funeral insurance are beneficial for you while you are living, but the latter two are mainly for your loved ones when you leave the earth. Having the proper insurance will allow your family to give you a memorial without adding the extra financial burden of taking care of it for you. Most coverages will give your appointed family members a set amount of money to complete your final arrangements. If you have a spouse or children, those remaining funds could also be given to them to assist with living expenses as they process your passing and find ways to move forward.

Accounts and Passwords

Although these are near and dear to you, know that you must have a place for these so that those you choose are able to get into your important documents that may require passwords. An easy way to do this is to create a spreadsheet and put in a hidden place for safekeeping or writing all of your passwords down in a journal or notebook for safekeeping.

With these tools and documents in place, you will be prepared and have everything in order when the Lord calls you home to be with Him. By having all of these things checked off your list, you take a weight off your shoulders and help your loved ones in the future.

If you need assistance during this process. We will be more than happy to help in any way we can. Please email or call (913) 789-9600

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